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Styled Desktop Art

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Do you have some flowers in a vase that are just beginning to wilt? Don’t throw them away! This project is most beautiful because it is ephemeral ~ the final arrangement only lasts a few hours.

If you have been following feminine design trends for the past year or so, you may have noticed the “styled desktop” and “styled flats” gaining extreme popularity. While I am not very fond of styled desktop images that look cheesy, generic and fake, the trend gave me an idea that can much more authentically represent your brand and messages you are trying to convey…

This is how you make it real.

High vibration messages and mandalas created with natural objects …photographed. This is a unique way to take a trend, twist it, and make it yours. Not only is it fun, meditative, beautiful and uplifting…you are also recycling.

If you are looking for a fresh new social media marketing strategy and you are a woman entrepreneur this could be your jam.

Below are some snapshots of all the fun I had a few weeks ago experimenting with this idea. I recommend using tweezers to move some of the very small stamens and petals around. Also take a photo as quickly as possible because the flowers will begin to wilt. Sometimes when the petals wilt, they begin to curl in a different way than you would like them to.

If you want to incorporate styled desktop art like this into your social media marketing (but you don’t have time to DIY) you are more than welcome to hire me to do it for you 😉

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