UI Design and Prototype for Sounds True Digital Library App
Based off Material Theme
Multi-Device Design


Sounds True
Boulder, Colorado

Case Study

The Design Challenge:

  • The UI needed to reflect current brand guidelines.
  • Framework needs to have specific style guidelines integrated into the design system.
  • Needs to be based upon Material Theme
  • The existing interface needed an ADA accessibility update to WCAG guidelines.
    • Navigation components must have the same functionality within a set of web pages are identified consistently (ex. all links look the same, all error messages are red, all action buttons are blue)
    • The most important click/tap targets on the site should be at least 38 pixels tall/wide
    • All states (default, hover and focus) of active UI must be defined.
    • Descriptive text labels must be provided for each form field.
    • Colors must meet 3:1 ratio

User Pain Points/Needs

  • Ability to download programs to listen offline.
  • Ability for tracks to be labeled with names.
  • Ability to be able see all courses in progress.
  • User wants to be able to see how much of the course they have completed, and how much time is left (timeline marker).
  • User wants to be able to see where they left off in their course and jump back in at the same spot.
  • User needs to search for and purchase new products in-app that are suggested to them based on an algorithm.

The Design Process

  • I developed a high-fidelity prototype with Sketch and InVision after user flows and wireframes had been established, and a style guide to aid further development.
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